5-8-3-3:  FEES:
   Registration and inspection fees shall be established annually by the Village and shall be assessed to and paid by each Rental Residential Property owner.
   1.   Registration: An annual Registration/License fee of $50.00 shall be paid to the Village by the building owner (or owner's agent) for each separate building as defined by the Building Code.  This registration fee will be waived for the first sixty (60) days after the effective date of this Code.
   2.   Delinquent fees, fines, charges: Any or all other amounts due to the Village by the owner in part or in whole must be paid before the owner can register any rental property.
   3.   Tri-Annual Inspection Fees: 
      a.   Single Family Dwelling - $150.00
      b.   Two (2) dwelling unit building (Duplex) - $200.00
      c.   Apartment Buildings (three (3) dwelling units or more) - $200.00 and $50.00 for each individual unit more than two (2) units.
   4.   Re-Inspection Fees Per Unit:
      a.   No fee for the 1st re-inspection if all violations have been corrected.
      b.   2nd re-inspection - $200.00
      c.   3rd and subsequent re-inspections - $300.00
   5.   Crime Free Rental Housing Training Fee:
      Required training classes as administered by the Orland Park Police Department, shall be completed by the land owner (or owner's registered agent) for all residential rental buildings. The Fee for this class shall be incorporated in the registration fee.
(Amd. Ord. 5343, 10-15-18)