Upon presentation of proper credentials, Village authorized representatives may enter at reasonable times after giving  notice to the landlord of any building, structure, or land within the  Village to perform the duties imposed by this Code. Reasonable notice for required scheduled inspections shall be defined as a minimum of ten (10) calendar days advance written notice.  It shall be the responsibility of the landlord to notify the tenant (s) of inspection appointments, arrange access with the tenant (s) and provide access to all units.  In the absence of the building landlord or landlord's agent, an adult at least eighteen (18) years of age must be present during the inspection.
      1.   Revocation of Registration:
         Units not made accessible for inspection (or otherwise not inspected) in accordance with this Code, shall be in violation of this Code and shall not be licensed/registered or shall have the registration revoked.
      2.   Residential Rental Property Complaints:
         In the case of a complaint of a potentially life or health threatening condition(s) or a property maintenance violation from any source, the Village may promptly inspect or investigate without prior notice, except that notice of such inspection or investigation shall be provided to the landlord or agent as soon as reasonably possible.
      3.   Inspection Areas:
         Rental property inspections will include a physical inspection of the rental residential property including the interior of all rental units, building exterior, exterior structures such as garages and storage areas, common areas, basements/cellars, laundry areas, electrical, plumbing and storage areas, as deemed appropriate by the inspector/code enforcement official with the exception of personal items.
      4.   Denial of Access:
         Except in the case of an emergency, if a tenant or property owner denies an inspector access to a rental property, the Director of Development Services or his/her designee shall apply to the Circuit Court for the issuance of an administrative search warrant for inspections under this Code.
      5.   Required Inspections:
         Systematic Residential Rental Property inspections will be conducted tri-annually (every three years). Inspections based upon complaints received will be conducted as received and determined as necessary by the Village (see 5-8-1-8-2, 2.).