1.   STATE OF ILLINOIS: Any person, firm or corporation who fails or refuses to comply with the rules and regulations contained within the Village of Orland Park's adopted Plumbing Code shall be reported to the Illinois Department of Public Health.
      Stop Work orders can be enforced until subjects are resolved.
   2.    VILLAGE OF ORLAND PARK: Re inspections and changes to the approved plans which cause additional site inspection visits and plan review shall follow the required Plumbing Permit Inspection Fees referenced in Title 5, Chapter 2 of the Village Code. The Village Code can be electronically accessed at: <http://www.orland park.il.us/>.
      See Village Code for other items referenced in 5-4-3, Item #3, not regulated in the State of Illinois Plumbing Code for Health and site drainage concerns. (Ord. 5002, 7-6-15)