1.   WORK PERMIT:
      a.   No plumbing work whether new construction or alteration shall be undertaken by any person, firm or corporation unless a permit has been issued therefor. The plumbing permit may be included on the Village Building Permit.
      b.   A plumbing permit shall only be issued to a licensed plumbing contractor, except as specified in (3), below.
      c.   In the case of a single family residence, a plumbing permit may be issued to the owner/occupant or lessee/occupant of said residence. Further, such owner/occupant or lessee/occupant shall only employ a licensed plumber.
      Application for a plumbing permit shall be made on the forms provided by the Village Building Department. Said application shall be accompanied by the fees established by Ordinance.
      No plumbing permit shall be issued until after plans and specifications showing the proposed plumbing work have been submitted, reviewed and approved by the Village Building Department. If a plumbing permit is denied, the applicant shall submit revised plans and specifications. When it is found necessary to make any change in the plumbing from the plans and specifications on which a permit has been issued, amended plans and specifications shall be submitted to the Village Building Department for approval prior to actual making of any change in the plumbing system. (Ord. 5002, 7-6-15)