5-1-11: IBC 2018 & IRC 2018 ADOPTED (MODEL CODE):
   Adopted and applicable to all buildings and structures or parts thereof and appurtenances thereof, are those rules and regulations set forth with particularity in the booklet entitled "International Building Code/2018" and the International Residential Code/2018, first publications: August 31, 2017, published by International Code Council, INC. 4051 Flossmoor Road, Country Club Hills, Illinois, amended however, in that the following portions indicated in deleted Sections of 5-1-13 and 5-1-14 hereof are not hereby adopted, or are hereby amended or added to that code as indicated in Section 5-1-13 and 5-1-14.
(Ord. 4614 - 1-17-11; Amd. Ord. 4786, 2-4-13; Amd. Ord. 5105, 6-20-16; Amd. Ord. 5418, 7-1-19)