The following Sections shall be amended in the following respects:
   1.   Section 890.310 shall be amended to add at the end of the section the following words: "All copper water tubing, when installed underground shall be a minimum of Type K, and when above grade shall be a minimum of Type L."
   2.   Section 890.330(c) shall be amended to delete the reference to CPVC for potable water applications.
   3.   Section 890.340 f) Copper water tube is to be amended to add the following language at the end of the subsection:
      a.   Flared joint adapter shall be required at all water service supply lines two (2) inch or less with full port ball valve upstream of water meter.
      b.   Soldered and/or braised fittings shall not be installed below grade. (Ord. 5002, 7-6-15)