he following rules and regulations, printed in books or pamphlet form, one (1) copy of each of which was on file in the office of the Village Clerk prior to the enactment of this Section and which were available for inspection by the public are hereby adopted by reference and made a part of this Chapter for the construction, erection, alteration, installation, addition, enlargement, repair, conversion, removal, demolition, use, location, occupancy and maintenance of all buildings and structures thereof or parts thereof and appurtenances thereof, provided however, the model code’s penalty provisions are not adopted. The general penalty provided in the Village Code of Orland Park should be applicable. (See 5-1-15, 5-2-14 & Village Code Appendix B provisions as amended). Where, in this Code, there is a reference to the Building Code, it will also mean the Village Amendments to the Building Code.
(Ord. 4614, 1-17-11; Amd. Ord. 5418, 7-1-19)