A.   The provisions of the Village building code ordinances relating to the construction, repair, alteration, enlargement, restoration and moving of buildings or structures, designated as Landmarks or designated Historic Districts by the State or Village are not mandatory. Such buildings or structures must meet the requirements of Section 5-110 of the Land Development Code pertaining to Certificates of Appropriateness, the US Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Restoration, Rehabilitation and Preservation and Chapter 34 of the 2015/IBC "Building Code" as amended. (Ord. 4614, 1-17-11; Amd. Ord. 4786, 2-4-13)
   B.   However, such buildings must be judged by the building code official to be safe and not contrary to the public health, safety and welfare with regard to any proposed construction, alteration, repair, enlargement, relocation or location. (Amd. Ord. 4786, 2-4-13)
   C.   Any proposed change must be based upon an applicant's complete submission of professional architectural drawings and specifications and, where applicable, engineering plans and specifications; and any drawings, plans and specifications so submitted shall bear the professional seal of the designer.
   D.   The plans, drawings and specifications shall indicate the structural soundness, life safety and fire safety features of the existing structure; and the plans, drawings and specifications shall show the structural soundness, life safety and fire safety features to be included in the proposed change(s).
   E.   Any building which is changed pursuant to the provisions of this Section shall be maintained in accordance with the approved plans, drawings and specifications.
(Amd. Ord. 5418, 7-1-19)