No person shall stop or park a truck or permit a truck to stand at any time, at any place, within the Village within one thousand feet (1,000') of any building or structure used for residential purposes, except: In the case where the property on the truck is being unloaded for use on the premises where the truck is parked, and the truck departs the premises as soon as reasonably possible after unloading is complete, or not longer than two (2) hours, whichever is less.  However, the two (2) hour restriction may be extended by two (2) hours, if the Police Department and Fire Protection District are notified prior to the expiration of the initial two (2) hour period.
   In the event that the driver and/or operator of the truck should be  unable to move the truck further than the one thousand feet (1,000') of a residential structure due to mechanical problems, the driver and/or operator shall, as soon as possible, notify the Police Department and Fire Protection District and advise said agencies of the location and cargo of said truck.
   It shall be unlawful for a person to stop or park a truck or permit a truck to stand within the Village in violation of the hereinabove regulations.
   No truck or other commercial vehicle which has a weight exceeding 8,000 pounds (calculated by adding the vehicle weight plus the weight of its maximum load capacity) or which exceeds twenty-one (21) feet in length or exceeds eight (8) feet in width or exceeds nine (9) feet in height may be parked on any public street or alley.  The overnight parking of such vehicles is not permitted in any residential front, rear or side set back (including a residential driveway) or in any commercial parking lot (unless properly parked at a loading dock) or on any vacant parcel within a commercial or residential zoning district. 
(Amd. Ord. 5344, 10-15-18)