No person shall operate a commercial vehicle (truck) as herein defined on the streets and alleys within the jurisdiction, control, and custody of the Village, except for that portion of 153rd Street located between LaGrange Road and West Avenue or except for the purpose of access to points of destination within the Village by the shortest, most expeditious route.  (Ord. 1486, 12-2-85)
   No person shall park any vehicle which 1) has a gross weight, in pounds, including vehicle and maximum load, in excess of eight thousand (8,000) pounds, or 2) exceeds twenty one feet (2l') in length, eight feet (8') in width, or nine feet (9') in height, on the streets and alleys within the jurisdiction, control and custody of the Village.  Exception is made for commercial vehicles for the purposes of picking up and delivering property, and then only for those periods of time as shall be reasonably necessary to accomplish said purposes, provided, however, that there shall be included in such reasonable time necessary for picking up and delivering property such time as shall be required for the operator of such commercial vehicle (truck) and any passengers therein to install or assemble such property delivered or remove and prepare such property for loading.
   The provisions of this Section shall not apply to emergency vehicles as herein defined, or to those stops necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or to comply with the directions of policemen or traffic control devices; and provided further that nothing herein contained shall be construed to relieve the operators of said motor vehicles from compliance with all other Ordinances of the Village or Laws of the State of Illinois regulating traffic on roads and highways.