(A)   Whenever an electric utility company determines that it may be necessary to implement a controlled rotating interruption of electrical service due to the demand for electricity exceeding, or being at significant risk of exceeding, the supply of electricity available to the electric utility company, the electric utility company shall do the following:
      (1)   Take appropriate action in preparation for implementing a controlled rotating interruption of electric service, and notify the appropriate electric utility company personnel; and
      (2)   Notify the Village Administrator that the electric utility company will be implementing its emergency energy plan. The notification shall be made pursuant to a notification procedure approved by the Village Administrator after consultation with the Village Administrator. The Village Administrator may waive the notice requirement to accommodate exigent circumstances.
   (B)   Subsequent to providing the notice as required above, an electric utility company shall reasonably and separately advise the designated village officials when it implements each of the steps of the emergency energy plan. Such steps shall include the following:
      (1)   A request for emergency help from neighboring utilities;
      (2)   A declaration of a control area emergency;
      (3)   A public appeal for voluntary curtailment of electricity use.
   (C)   The electric utility company shall give a separate notice to the Village Administrator, immediately upon the determination that there will be a controlled rotating interruption of electric service pursuant to the emergency energy plan. The notification shall include the areas to be interrupted; the sequence and estimated duration of the service outage for each area; and the affected feeders and number of affected customers in each area. Whenever practical, the notification shall be made at lest two hours prior to the time of the outages, and in no case shall notification be made less than 30 minutes prior to the outages, if the company is aware that controlled rotating interruptions may be required.
   (D)   Notification required by this section shall be in addition to any notification requirements set forth in any applicable franchise agreement or franchise ordinance, or as may be required by applicable federal or state law or regulation.
(Ord. 99-23, passed 9-15-99)