(A)   All regular full-time employees who are active members of any recognized state or federal military reserve organization shall be granted time off to accomplish periodic field training, encampment duty, disaster, or civil disturbance duty required by law or regulation. This special leave shall not exceed 15 working days in an anniversary year. A paid leave of absence form must be completed to receive pay for this leave. (See Appendix E following this chapter).
   (B)   This leave will only be allowed if an employee is required to perform such duty in order to maintain his/her status in the state or federal military organization. The employee will be paid the difference between his/her military pay received for the duty and the normal salary he/she would have received during that time from the village. The employee must present an official order from an official at his/her post, showing the time spent on duty and the total salary received for the duty. A copy of the check stub showing the total military pay must be presented to the village within 60 days of the end of the duty. An employee called for active duty for an emergency longer than 15 days will be granted an unpaid leave of absence, as outlined under the extended leave of absence provision in § 35.071.
(Ord. 2000-02, passed 5-17-00)