§ 35.067  SICK DAYS.
   All full-time employees of the village shall receive pay during unavoidable absences from work due to sickness, doctor's appointments or accidents during any anniversary year on the following basis:
   (A)   Full-time employees shall earn ½-day after every month, or six after each year.
   (B)   Department heads, exempt, supervisory and confidential employees shall earn ¾-day per month.
   (C)   Employees may accumulate unlimited sick days.
   (D)   An employee's use of sick leave shall be approved by the employee's immediate supervisor; except that after being absent from his/her job for more than two successive work days, the employee must provide a physician's statement indicating the nature of the illness and incapacity for duty.
   (E)   The employee shall receive his/her normal compensation for each day of his illness or injury for which sick leave has been approved. Sick days may be taken in ¼-day increments of not less than two hours.
   (F)   Sick leave shall not be used as a substitute for vacation days or any other similar purpose, except as elsewhere provided.
   (G)   Employees must complete the sick leave form. (See Appendix D following this chapter).
   (H)   There shall be no compensation for accumulated sick leave at time of separation.
(Ord. 2000-02, passed 5-17-00)