§ 35.066  VACATION PAY.
   (A)   Each regular hourly full-time employee shall receive vacation pay based upon his/her current weekly salary, excluding overtime wages.
   (B)   Vacation leave will be based on the number of years of uninterrupted service, as follows:
      (1)   Less than one year:  One day per two months after second full month of employment.
      (2)   One - five years:  Twelve days per year or one day per month.
      (3)   Five -ten years:  Sixteen days per year or 1 days per month.
      (4)   After ten years:  Twenty-one days per year or 1¾ days per month.
   (C)   Vacation pay shall be based upon employee's current pay for the average number of hours that he/she works in a week, excluding overtime.
   (D)   Vacation requests must be approved by the employee's department head and approved by the Village Administrator in accordance with the operating requirements of the employee's department.
      (1)   Vacation days may be taken in ¼-day increments of not less than two hours.
      (2)   Employees must use the vacation request form. (See Appendix C following this chapter).
      (3)   Vacation days may be accumulated up to 200 hours. An employee may be paid for unused vacation days at the rate of pay in effect when the vacation time is earned.
   (E)   Department heads have the right to ask an employee to reschedule their vacation requests if the department head feels enough notice has not been given, or the department's or village's functions will be unduly hampered.
(Ord. 2000-02, passed 5-17-00; Am. Ord. 2016-002, passed 3-16-16)