(a)   Ordinances and resolutions shall be read once prior to passage by reading aloud a fully descriptive title or summary thereof and stating the number assigned to such ordinance, except that, if any two members of Council so request, the reading shall be of the full text of the ordinance. If any three members of Council so request, the reading of any ordinance, whether by title or full text, shall be required to occur on three different days. Each request for reading by full text, and for reading on three different days, shall be entered upon the journal of Council with the names of the members making the request.
(b)   Except as hereinafter provided, publication of any ordinance, resolution, notice, statement, order, proclamation or report required to be published by this Charter, the applicable laws of Ohio or legislation enacted by Council shall be made either by posting copies thereof in not less than five (5) of the most public places in the Municipality to be determined by Council for a period of not less than ten (10) days or/by publishing the same in any English language newspaper printed in Lucas County and of general circulation in the City of Oregon as determined by Council. In the case of newspaper publication, ordinances, resolutions and proclamations of elections shall be published once a week for two (2) consecutive weeks; notices not less than two (2) nor more than four (4) consecutive weeks and all other matters once.
(c)   Notices to bidders for the construction of public improvements and notices of the sale of bonds shall be published in not more than two (2) newspapers printed in the State of Ohio and of general circulation in the City of Oregon. Proof of any publication mentioned in this section shall be made by the Clerk as provided by ordinance or the laws of Ohio.
(d)   Ordinances may be revised, codified, rearranged, and published in book form under appropriate titles, chapters, and sections, and such revisions and codification may be made in one ordinance comprising one or more subjects. The publication of such revision or codification in book form as aforesaid shall constitute sufficient publication of the ordinance or ordinances contained in such revision or codification. Any such publication of a revision or codification of ordinances in book form shall contain a certification by the President of Council and the Clerk of the correctness of such revision, codification, and publication, and the book so published shall be received in evidence in any court for the purpose of proving the ordinance or ordinances therein contained, in the same manner and for the same purposes as the original book, ordinances, minutes, or journals would be received. If such revision, codification, or rearrangement contains new matter not previously published, a notice of the enactment thereof setting forth the title of the ordinance and the titles of the chapters and sections containing such new matter shall be published in the manner provided in subsection (b) hereof, which notice shall constitute a sufficient publication of such new matter.
(Amended 11-5-02)