No walk, curb or driveway shall be constructed, reconstructed or cut open on any public right of way within the City until a permit has been obtained from the Director of Public Service by the owner or the duly authorized agent of the owner of the property contiguous thereto.
   A licensed contractor must ascertain that a permit has been procured before making, constructing, reconstructing or cutting open any sidewalk, driveway, curb or curb opening. The permit must be kept on the site of the work being done until completion thereof.
   Application for a permit to construct or reconstruct a walk, driveway or curb or make a curb opening shall be on forms furnished by the Director and shall show the name and address of the applicant, the name and address of the owner and the street address and legal description of the property adjoining the right of way where the proposed work is to be done; number of square feet of proposed walk or driveway to be constructed or reconstructed and number of lineal feet of curbing to be constructed, cut, dropped or removed; width of the present walk, driveway or curb opening, material in the present walk, driveway or curb; material to be used in the walk proposed and such other information as may be required by the Director.
(Ord. 110-1959. Passed 11-9-59.)