(A)    Any taxpayer subject to municipal income taxation with respect to the taxpayer's net profit from a business or profession may file any municipal income tax return or, estimated municipal income tax return, or extension for filing a municipal income tax return, and may make payment of amounts shown to be due on such returns, by using the Ohio Business Gateway.
   (B)    Any employer, agent of an employer, or other payer may report the amount of municipal income tax withheld from qualifying wages, and may make remittance of such amounts, by using the Ohio Business Gateway.
   (C)   Nothing in this section affects the due dates for filing employer withholding tax returns or deposit of any required tax.
   (D)    The use of the Ohio Business Gateway by municipal corporations, taxpayers, or other persons does not affect the legal rights of municipalities or taxpayers as otherwise permitted by law. The State of Ohio shall not be a party to the administration of municipal income taxes or to an appeal of a municipal income tax matter, except as otherwise specifically provided by law.
   (E)    Nothing in this section shall be construed as limiting or removing the authority of any municipal corporation to administer, audit, and enforce the provisions of its municipal income tax.
(Ord. 15-45. Passed 11-19-15.)