(a)   Council hereby finds and determines that the public health, safety, welfare and general prosperity of the residents of this City will be enhanced by the expansion of existing businesses and the attraction of new businesses and employers to Ontario. It further finds and determines that in pursuit of these goals, the provision of meals and incidental expenses, excluding the purchase of alcoholic beverages, by City officials as part of the process of attracting new businesses to Ontario from funds appropriated in the Mayor's and Council's sundry accounts serves a public purpose of this City and is hereby declared to be a proper and lawful expenditure of public money.
   (b)   No expenditure shall be approved and no reimbursement shall be made for any expenditure defined in subsection (a) hereof unless original receipts are submitted to the Auditor along with documentation detailing the reason for the meals and incidental expenses, the participants attending, the company and/or business represented and any additional documentation which may be required to satisfy IRS Regulations pertaining to such expenditures.
(Ord. 12-11.  Passed 5-3-12.)