(a)   In order to assist Council in determining whether it should accept or reject a proposed annexation petition, the agent for the petitioner shall provide, in writing, to the Clerk, a general description of the proposed use of the property, an anticipated time frame for development including a commencement date and a final completion date, a statement of the public improvements that will be needed for this development including the extension of water lines, sanitary sewer lines, lift stations, storm sewers, and road improvements including widening and traffic signals.  This information shall be provided to Council along with the transcript and accompanying map and petition at the next regular Council meeting more than sixty days after the filing of the certified transcript of the annexation as provided in Ohio R.C. 709.04.  In the event the agent for the petitioner fails to provide the information contained in this section, Council shall be so advised.
   (b)   Upon receipt of a certified transcript of the proposed annexation, the Clerk shall forward a copy of this section to the agent for the petitioners.
   (c)   Council shall, in its determination of whether or not to accept the proposed annexation, consider the information supplied in accordance with subsection (a) hereof.
(Ord.  97-63.  Passed 10-16-97.)