(a)   Whoever fails to comply with an order issued under the provisions of this chapter from which no appeal has been taken, or with the order as finally affirmed or modified upon completion or appellate proceedings, within the time fixed in such order or order of affirmance or modification, then the Safety Director may cause such building, other structure or premises to be repaired, secured by boarding up, torn down, demolished, removed or the dangerous conditions remedied through the use of City employees, equipment and material in accordance and consonance with such order, order of affirmance or modified order, if notice has been given as required by Ohio R.C. 715.26.
   (b)   Provided, that Council may by resolution or ordinance direct that the order, order of affirmance or modified order shall be executed under a contract for labor, materials and equipment awarded by the City for such purpose or by a combination of City forces and such contract. 
(Ord. 06-14.  Passed 5-4-06.)