1349.12  APPEALS.
   Any owner, person in charge or occupant of a building, other structure or premises aggrieved by an order issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter may, within ten days of the service of the order, appeal such order to the Planning Commission established by Section 1151.01 by filing a notice of appeal, accompanied by a fee of thirty dollars ($30.00), which fee shall be refunded if the Zoning Inspector’s decision is wholly reversed.  The Zoning Inspector shall transmit the file relating to the order to the Planning Commission, which order shall be defended by the office which conducted the inspection and issued the order.  The Zoning Inspector shall serve written notice, by personal service or by certified mail, upon the appellant of the time, place and date of the hearing upon appeal.  The Planning Commission shall proceed to hear the appeal at any regular or special meeting of the Planning Commission within thirty days after notice of appeal has been filed by the appellant, providing that notice of the date of hearing shall be served upon the appellant not less than five days prior to the time such hearing is commenced.  Provided further that the Zoning Inspector shall have authority to grant one continuance of the date of hearing, upon application of the appellant, for good cause shown, which continuance shall not exceed twenty days.  Failure of the appellant to appear at the time and place set for the hearing shall be deemed to be a withdrawal of the appeal and the Planning Commission shall affirm the order of the Safety Director.  In case of an appeal from an order of the Fire Chief, appeal shall be taken to the State Fire Marshall according to law.
(Ord. 06-14.  Passed 5-4-06.)