(a)   The Auditor is hereby directed to open a single credit card account only with a bank located within this City, which account shall be approved by Council and shall be accessible by a reasonable number of individually-identifiable credit cards. All credit cards shall remain in the physical control of the Auditor and shall be issued to City employees for the purpose of making purchases on behalf of this City or for travel on City business. Credit cards shall be issued immediately prior to the travel or purchase and a record of the date, a record of the reason for issuance, and the identity and signature of employee to whom issued, shall be maintained. Credit cards along with receipts for all purchases made with the credit cards shall be promptly returned to the Auditor upon completion of the purchase or travel and the date of return shall be noted. In the event of the absence of the Auditor, the Service-Safety Director shall assume the responsibilities of the Auditor to issue credit cards under this Section. In the absence of both the Auditor and the Service-Safety Director, the Treasurer shall assume the responsibilities of the Auditor to issue credit cards under this Section. In the event of absence of the Auditor, the Service-Safety Director, and the Treasurer, the Auditor shall designate some other employee to issue credit cards in accordance with this Section. All City credit cards shall have a combined credit limit of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00).
    (b)   Credit cards shall only be used to purchase materials or supplies on behalf of this City or for travel expenses incurred by employees on City business including training and conferences. The use of a City credit card for personal expenses is specifically prohibited and such use will result in disciplinary action. No City credit card shall be used for a cash advance.
   (c)   Upon receipt of the monthly statement from the bank showing expenditures on the credit cards, the Auditor shall review each expenditure as to amount and purpose to determine if it is in compliance with this section and all guidelines for expenditures enacted by Council or provided by law. The Auditor shall allocate each expense to the proper appropriation.
   (d)   Any violation of the provisions of this section or Council-adopted guidelines or legal limitations as to purpose or amount of expenditures, shall be promptly investigated and if determined to have occurred, shall be referred for disciplinary action.
   (e)   The Auditor shall periodically report to the Finance Committee of City Council on the operation of this section including recommendations for changes as the Auditor deems to be in the interest of improved efficiency and accountability.
(Ord. 21-17. Passed 5-5-21.)