(a)   Regulation 1. All the laws of the State and ordinances of the Municipality, insofar as the same are not in conflict with the regulations herein set forth, are applicable in City Parks and may be enforced by the Municipal Police Department, County Sheriff's Department, County Dog Warden and each of the auxiliary branches of the foregoing.
   (b)     Regulation 2. It shall be unlawful to refuse to obey any lawful order of any person designated in Regulation 1, or to interfere, hinder, or obstruct any park employee in the performance of his duties.
   (c)     Regulation 3.  When clearly inappropriate, these regulations shall not be applicable to a concessionaire, permit tee, or other person under contract with the Municipality who is acting within the scope of this contract or permit.
   (d)   Regulation 4. Unless otherwise directed by the Mayor, Park Committee, or Chairman, all Municipal parks shall be open for the enjoyment of the public daily from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
   (e)   Regulation 5. It shall be unlawful within any Municipal park to publicly solicit subscriptions or to engage in selling or offering for sale any item or service or labor whatsoever, or offer to perform any gainful occupation, service, or labor for another.
   (f)   Regulation 6. It shall be unlawful within any park to post or display any sign, banner, or advertisement or to engage in advertising for any gain in any manner whatsoever; provided, however, that during baseball seasons only signs of equal size may be installed along the outfield fence of the City owned Baseball Fields only. Prior to their installation, such signs shall be subject to review and approval by the Parks Committee of Council. Such signs, once installed, shall be maintained in a safe and attractive manner.  City Council may authorize other types of displays designed to recognize sponsors of youth athletic programs provided the display is presented to Council for review and receives Council's official approval and authorization prior to any installation.  Such authorization may include specific conditions for which the installation is approved.
   (g)   Regulation 7.  It shall be unlawful to leave, throw, or drain upon the land or waters of any park any garbage, rubbish, trash, junk paper, can, bottle, or other offensive debris or substance.
   (h)   Regulation 8.  It shall be unlawful to wash, wax, grease, oil, or repair any car, truck, or other motor vehicle in any Municipal park except for emergency repairs necessary to allow the vehicle to leave the park.
   (i)   Regulation 9. It shall be unlawful to take any sled, toboggan, skateboard, roller skates, bicycle, or any motor vehicle upon any tennis court or basketball court.
   (j)   Regulation 10. It shall be unlawful to operate a motor vehicle, snowmobile, motorcycle, moped, or similar type of vehicle upon any lands or waters of the Municipal parks, except on designated roads and parking areas.
   (k)   Regulation 11. It shall be unlawful to engage in any of the following    activities: Archery; golf; operating any unmanned remote controlled object including, but not limited to, model airplanes, drones, or cars; launching model rockets; discharging firearms; fireworks; B.B.; pellet; or similar air powered guns.  Nothing in this Regulation shall restrict law enforcement from operating any drones in a City Park for any legitimate law enforcement function.
   (1)   Regulation 12.  It shall be unlawful to use ball fields or soccer fields when restricted because of unstable ground conditions, or at times when their use is restricted to certain persons or organizations by agreement, contract or lease with the Municipality,
   (m)   Regulation 13. It shall be unlawful to climb or walk upon any picnic table, to climb or sit upon any monuments, statues, or bridges not intended for that use; to climb fences or buildings or to use any park facility or play equipment in a manner beyond its safe capacity or intended use.
   (n)   Regulation 14. It shall be unlawful to establish or maintain any camp or lodging place, temporary or permanent, within any Municipal park or to be present after closing hours (Regulation 4) without written permission from the Mayor. Application for temporary camping permits must be submitted to the Mayor at least two weeks in advance,
   (o)   Regulation 15. No person shall possess or consume beer or any other alcoholic beverage within any Municipal park,
   (p)   Regulation 16.  It shall be unlawful to build or maintain a fire in any  Municipal park except in grills, receptacles, or fireplaces provided by the Municipality for that purpose,
   (q)   Regulation 17. Any animal brought into any Municipal park shall be under the complete control of its owner or handler at all times. It is the responsibility of the handler to clean up and properly dispose of any waste generated by the animal,
   (r)   Regulation 18. It shall be unlawful to remove, destroy, damage, or deface any public or utility property or sign posted by the Municipality, or to enter upon any place which has been posted "No Admittance" or "Keep out" or other similar warning,
   (s)   Regulation 19.  It shall be unlawful to kill, trap, injure, or unnecessarily disturb any birds, waterfowl, or animals within any Municipal park,
   (t)   Regulation 20. It shall be unlawful to enter or leave park property by motor vehicle except at established points of entrance and exit. All exits from park lands are stop streets,
   (u)   Regulation 21. It shall be unlawful to operate a motor vehicle within any park at a speed in excess of 15 m.p.h.
   (v)   Regulation 22.  The use of Municipal tennis courts shall be subject to the following rules:
      (1)    Players must wear regulation tennis shoes at all times.  No hard sole, cleated, or spiked shoes are permitted on the courts.
      (2)     No person shall sit, hang upon, or jump over the nets.
      (3)    Players shall surrender a court after one hour or thereafter at the completion of a set if others are waiting to use the court.
      (4)    The right of play shall be determined by order of arrival at the court.
      (5)    Players must remain outside the fence enclosure while waiting for use of a court.
      (6)    Only tennis or tennis-like sports such as squash, badminton, etc. shall be played on the Municipal tennis courts.
   (w)   Regulation 23. These regulations are subject to any agreement between this Council and any private or public organization for the use of park facilities. All persons shall yield the use of facilities upon request in accordance with these agreements,
   (x)    Regulation 24. No person except as provided in this provision shall operate any commercial tractor, trailer, semi-trailer, or recreational vehicle, all as defined in R.C. 4501.01, in any City Park except:
      (1)    Employees of the City while working in the park;
      (2)   Employees of public utilities erecting or maintaining utilities service;
      (3)   Contractors hired by the City or private organizations with City approval;
      (4)     Pickups or deliveries in the parks, including trash collection.
   (y)     Regulation 25. All requests for rentals of park facilities shall be made after January 1st of the Calendar of the rental.
   (z)     Regulation 26. An organization/family cannot reserve the pavilions more than five (5) weekend days in one year.  The days or weekends cannot be consecutive.
   (aa)   Regulation 27.  Reservations for use of the bandshell can only be made with reservations of the pavilion and shall only be made upon payment of the $100.00 bandshell refundable deposit and the $45.00 pavilion rental fee.  Upon completion of the use of the bandshell and inspection of the same by City officials, the bandshall refundable deposit shall be sent to the address given on the bandshell reservation application less any amounts paid towards repairs for damages as a result of use of the bandshell during the reservation.
(Ord. 18-04.  Passed 3-7-18.)