(a)   The owners of premises are hereby deemed to be liable for any unpaid bills resulting from receiving sanitary sewerage service from the City Sanitary Sewerage System.
   (b)   It is expressly determined that although any tenant shall be billed for any sanitary sewerage service from the Sanitary Sewerage System, the owners of any such premises are hereby determined to be liable for any unpaid bills.
   (c)   The Service-Safety Director is hereby expressly directed to disconnect water service upon which there is any monies owing in conformity and in accordance with its rules and regulations relative to the operation of the Sanitary Sewerage Service providing such sanitary service user utilizes City water service.
   (d)   The Auditor is directed to certify any unpaid bills to the Richland County Auditor upon the direction of Council and the advice of the Law Director.
(Ord. 76-66  Passed 10-7-76.)