(A)   Except as otherwise noted in division (E), smoking is prohibited at places of employment and in enclosed areas.
   (B)   Smoking is prohibited within a reasonable distance of the outside entrance to, open window of, and air intake of a ventilation system in any enclosed area in which smoking is prohibited by this subchapter.
   (C)   Smoking is prohibited in any enclosed areas or vehicles owned, leased, rented, operated, or controlled by the Oldham County Fiscal Court.
   (D)   Nothing in this subchapter shall authorize smoking in any location where it is otherwise prohibited by statute, ordinance, regulation or by order of the Fire Marshal.
   (E)   Notwithstanding any other provision of this subchapter to the contrary, a person’s private dwelling, unless used as a childcare, adult day care, or healthcare facility is exempt from this section.
(Ord. KOC 18-820-441, passed 4-17-2018)  Penalty, see § 92.99