(A)   Pursuant to the authority granted by KRS 441.265, as enacted by the 2000 Kentucky General Assembly as Senate Bill 332, there is hereby adopted and established the following fee and expense reimbursement policy, which shall be imposed upon every person incarcerated in the County Jail, except as noted herein:
      (1)   An administrative processing or booking fee of $30 to be returned if charges are dismissed;
      (2)   A per diem fee of $30, which does not exceed the actual per diem cost, for the entire period of the prisoner’s confinement, except that no per diem shall be charged to any prisoner who is required to pay a work release fee pursuant to KRS 439.179; nor to a prisoner who has, pursuant to a conviction of a misdemeanor, including traffic offenses, been ordered by the District Court to pay a reimbursement fee, pursuant to KRS 534.045; nor to any prisoner for whom the Department of Corrections is financially responsible for housing;
      (3)   Actual charges for medical and dental treatment, except that no medical reimbursement, with the exception of that provided for in KRS 441.045, shall be charged to any prisoner for whom the Department of Corrections is financially responsible for housing; and
      (4)   Reimbursement for county property which is damaged or destroyed by a prisoner while confined in the County Jail.
   (B)   Rates and amounts charged to an inmate pursuant to this policy may be adjusted based upon the ability of the prisoner to pay, giving consideration to any legal obligation of the prisoner to support a spouse, minor children or other dependents. The prisoner’s interest in any jointly owned property and the income, assets, earnings or other property owned by the prisoner’s spouse or family shall not be used to determine a prisoner’s ability to pay.
   (C)   The payment of any fees required herein may be automatically deducted from the prisoner’s property or canteen account, even to the extent of creating a negative balance. Thereafter, if funds become available or if the prisoner reenters the County Jail at a later date, the imposed fees may be deducted at that time from the prisoner’s property or canteen account.
   (D)   At the conclusion of a prisoner’s incarceration, the prisoner shall be presented with a billing statement, reflecting all imposed fees and reimbursements. The County Jailer or his or her authorized agent may release a prisoner from all or part of the prisoner’s repayment obligation, should it become apparent that the prisoner will be unable to pay the full amount due.
   (E)   All fees and reimbursements received pursuant to this policy shall be forwarded to the County Treasurer, for placement or inclusion in the budget of the County Jail.
(Ord. 00-240-374, passed 10-17-2000)