This chapter shall be enforced upon the filing of a petition before the County Zoning Enforcement Officer by two residents of the county alleging that an owner, lessee or occupant of any property is maintaining or keeping a nuisance thereon or maintaining his or her premises in a manner causing substantial diminution in the value of other property or tends to render the properties as dangerous or detrimental or adverse to health and welfare or offensive to the senses of the residents of the county, then the zoning enforcement authority shall visit the premises of the alleged nuisance and if a preliminary investigation by the Zoning Enforcement Officer discloses a basis for the charges, the zoning enforcement authority shall serve notice on the property owner, lessee, occupant or person having charge of the premises directing the person(s) to abate the nuisance within ten days of the date of the notice.
(Ord. KOC 800.841, passed 7-17-1984; Ord. KOC 89-800-846, passed 9-5-1989)