A.   Pursuant to the Oklahoma uniform building code commission's rules in title 748:5-1-1 and title 748:5-3-1 and any successor amendments thereto, the city of Okmulgee shall collect a fee for the issuance of any initial building permit and a fee for any building permit renewal in the amount of four dollars fifty cents ($4.50). Said fee shall be deposited in an account created for that purpose. Of that fee, four dollars ($4.00) per permit shall be remitted to the uniform building code commission on a monthly basis with the remaining fifty cents ($0.50) per fee to be used by the city of Okmulgee.
   B.   For purposes of this state mandated fee, the term "building permit" shall have the meaning as adopted by the uniform building code commission. (Ord. 1944 § 2, 2009)