Any establishment operating under and by authority of a mixed beverage license as provided in 37 Oklahoma Statutes shall:
   A.   Have its premises constructed and maintained in such manner that there is a clear glass area of no less than seven (7) square feet located in close proximity to the main entrance of such premises. The exact design, construction and location of such clear glassed area must be approved by the chief of police, or his designee, bearing in mind that it is the purpose of such clear glassed area to provide a police officer, or other official, intent on entering such premises, with a clear, unobstructed view of the main interior area of the establishment from without, from an area in close proximity to the main entrance. That such clear glassed area shall be maintained in a clear, unpainted, uncovered and unobstructed condition, so as to permit clear visibility of the interior of the establishment from without the same; and
   B.   Have its premises constructed and maintained in such manner that all areas used by customers shall be lighted with incandescent or fluorescent lights providing a minimum of ten (10) foot-candles of light at all locations within such area during all hours that any person is in such premises.
   C.   It shall be an offense against the city for any mixed beverage licensee to allow the licensed premises to be operated without complying with the glass area and/or lighting requirements herein set forth. Each day of such improper operation shall be deemed a separate offense. (Ord. 1550 § 1, 1985)