A.   Application; Issuance: Applications for building permits, including permits for moving buildings, shall be made to the building inspector. Upon such application, the building inspector shall issue the permit applied for if the proposal is in accordance with the ordinances of the city, including any codes and regulations adopted by reference.
   B.   Fees: No permit shall have any force or effect unless it has attached to it or written upon it a receipt or statement of the city clerk's office showing the payment of any and all fees required therefor by this section or any other ordinance provision.
   C.   Sprinkler Equipment; Deviations From The Applicability Of The National Or International Building Code, As Adopted: Notwithstanding any provision of the standard building code, as adopted, to the contrary, approved automatic sprinkler equipment shall be installed and provided in:
      1.   Basement cellars with ceiling less than four feet six inches (4'6") grade having floor areas exceeding one thousand five hundred (1,500) square feet when used as workshops or for manufacture, repair, sale or storage of combustible materials, or when used as lounge or nightclubs regardless of the size;
      2.   Stores and similar occupancies where stocks of combustible materials are on display for public sale and where the story floor area exceeds ten thousand (10,000) square feet;
      3.   Large assembly occupancies, as defined by the most recently adopted national or international building code, over areas which could be used for the display, sale or storage of combustible materials when such display, sale or storage floor area exceeds eight thousand (8,000) square feet;
except as it may conflict with the above provisions, the provisions of the national or international building code, as adopted, shall govern sprinklers within the city. (Ord. 1944 § 1, 2009)