A.   The following shall constitute the fire limits or fire zone of the city: Beginning at the intersection of Alabama Avenue and Third Street; thence south along Alabama Avenue to Eighth Street; thence east along Eighth Street to Porter Avenue; thence south along Porter Avenue to the alley between Eighth Street and Ninth Street; thence east along said alley to Muskogee Avenue; thence south on Muskogee Avenue to Ninth Street; thence east on Ninth Street to Delaware Avenue; thence north on Delaware Avenue to Seventh Street; thence east along Seventh Street to the center line of the existing railroad tracks; thence northwesterly along the center line of the existing railroad tracks to Fourth Street; thence west on Fourth Street to Central Avenue; thence north on Central Avenue to the alley between Fourth Street and Third Street; thence west along said alley to Grand Avenue; thence north on Grand Avenue to Third Street; thence west on Third Street to the point of beginning.
   B.   References in this section to streets, avenues and alleys shall mean the centerline thereof. (Ord. 1584 § 1, 1986: prior code § 36)