A.   New Boat Docks/Lake Access Sites:
      1.   Applicant must fill out an application for a boat dock/lake access permit and submit it to the city clerk.
      2.   Application (form provided by the city of Okmulgee).
      3.   A city representative will inspect the proposed boat dock/lake access location and submit the application and a recommendation to the Okmulgee city council. If the application is granted, permit holder has one year to construct a dock/access site unless permit holder gets a written extension from the Okmulgee city council. If permit holder fails to have his/her boat dock/lake access site completed within one year and does not get an extension, the permit will be revoked and the opportunity to apply shall be given to the next person on the waiting list.
   B.   Selection Process:
      1.   Upon passage hereof, notice of the initial application period shall be posted at Okmulgee city hall and published in the "Okmulgee Daily Times". The initial application period shall run for two (2) months.
      2.   At the end of the initial application period, a list will be compiled of all applications received. The list will be prioritized based upon the length of time an applicant has owned or leased his/her property with those owning or leasing their property the longest being given the highest priority. This will be determined by the records on file with the Okmulgee County clerk. A property transfer for estate planning purposes only shall not affect the priority ranking of an application, but any other transfer shall cause the applicant to lose priority on the list. Said list of applications shall then be evaluated by Okmulgee state park and a city of Okmulgee representative and a recommendation for approval or denial of the application will be submitted to the Okmulgee city council for action at a city council meeting.
      3.   In the event the number of qualified applications received exceeds the number of available permits, the excess applications shall be retained and will serve as a waiting list for future available permits subject to the same priority criteria as stated above. Applicants submitting their application after the initial application period shall be placed on the waiting list in the appropriate priority based on time of ownership or lease, relative to all other applicants on the waiting list.
      4.   In the event someone on the waiting list sells his/her property, the priority position on the waiting list is not transferable. The new property owner must submit a new application and will be assigned the appropriate priority ranking on the list based on their date of acquisition.
      5.   In the event the number of applications is less than the number of available permits, application may be made at any time for an available permit by an otherwise qualified party.
   C.   Fees; Penalty; Permit Revocation:
      1.   Fee Changes; Due Date: Fees will initially be two hundred forty dollars ($240.00) per boat dock/lake access site per year, but may be changed in the future by resolution of the Okmulgee city council. The due date of said fees shall be on or before January 1 of any calendar year and shall be considered as payment for the upcoming calendar year.
      2.   Penalty: Failure to pay said fee when due shall result in two (2) late notices being sent, each with a twenty five dollar ($25.00) penalty. Failure to pay within two (2) weeks after the late notices are sent shall result in revocation of the permit.
      3.   Permit Revocation: Upon revocation of a permit for any reason, any structure will be required to be removed within a period of time set by the city manager. If the structure is not removed within said period of time, the structure may be removed by the city of Okmulgee at the expense of the former permit holder. The revoked permit shall then be deemed to be an available permit and be offered to the next person on the waiting list. Any person having had a previous permit revoked shall be eligible to submit a new application and be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.
   D.   Eligibility: To be eligible to submit an application for a boat dock/lake access permit, a person must either lease property from the city of Okmulgee or own property either of which joins city property lying below the seven hundred foot (700') mean sea level elevation surrounding Lake Okmulgee. (Ord. 1930 § 2, 2008)