A.   No boat dock or boat ramp will be allowed to be built on the lake that adversely impacts the general use and activities on Lake Okmulgee. As such, due care and diligence shall be exercised by the city council of the city of Okmulgee in considering applications for docks/access sites to be located on Lake Okmulgee.
   B.   In evaluating all applications, minimizing the impact on the use of the lake by all recreational users shall be the primary consideration.
   C.   By permit, the owner of any boat dock or lake access site shall be allowed one means of ingress and egress to same across land owned by the city of Okmulgee and/or the shoreline by one route which shall not exceed fifteen feet (15') in width and shall be preapproved by both Okmulgee state park and the city of Okmulgee. The contour of the land and potential erosion shall be taken into consideration for all access routes. Said means of ingress and egress shall be maintained by the permit holder.
   D.   Written applications shall be submitted and written approval shall be received prior to any clearing, grubbing, or construction whatsoever; provided that mowing shall not be prohibited by this section.
   E.   No commercial operation shall be allowed on or operated from the dock. (Ord. 1930 § 2, 2008)