A.   Number Of Boat Docks/Lake Access Sites:
      1.   The maximum number of private boat docks and/or lake access sites on Lake Okmulgee shall be twenty five (25).
      2.   There shall only be one boat dock/lake access site allowed for each adjoining property owner or city leaseholder.
   B.   Preferred Locations:
      1.   The intent of the city is that all structures extending into the lands and waters of the city be so located as to minimize the obstruction of travel over the lands and waters of the city, and that they be so located, attached and secured as to keep to a minimum that amount of encroachment necessary on the lands and waters of the city. Only one means of ingress/egress shall be permitted per dock.
      2.   Sites located in small coves (limited open water) are preferred in order to maximize general public access to open water areas. (Ord. 1930 § 2, 2008)