11.18.010: DEFINITIONS:
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this section, unless the context clearly requires a different meaning:
BOAT DOCK: Piers, wharves, floating boathouses, docks, and other floating structures of a stationary or semistationary nature, extending into the lands and waters of the city, including all attachments, such as stiff-arms, spars, approaches, anchorages, walkways or gangplanks.
BOAT RAMP: A concrete driveway providing a method of launching a boat into Okmulgee Lake.
CALIPER: The size of a tree trunk (normally measured by circumference).
LAKE ACCESS: Any method, manner, structure, etc., of crossing city property in order to reach the waters of Okmulgee Lake or Dripping Springs Lake.
LAKE ACCESS PERMIT: A permit issued by the city under certain conditions allowing use of city property to provide access to Okmulgee Lake by various means.
LAKE LEASE: An executed agreement between the city of Okmulgee and a person, firm or corporation, allowing for use of a designated piece of city property surrounding Okmulgee Lake for certain purposes specified in the agreement.
REVOCATION OF PERMIT: Cancellation of a permit for any reason.
SHORELINE: For the purpose of these rules and regulations, the seven hundred foot (700') mean sea level elevation surrounding Lake Okmulgee. (Ord. 1930 § 2, 2008)