A.   No person shall disperse or otherwise apply any pesticide whether to the air, water, ground, or vegetation. Exception is made in the instance of dispersal within enclosed buildings, tents, tent trailers, or within any vehicle or boat containing living or sleeping quarters, or the use outdoors within ten feet (10') of the table, stove, tent or food lockers, of handheld finger operated aerosol dispensers with net contents not to exceed twenty (20) ounces and containing any of the following pesticides: pyrethine, allethrin, piperonyl butoxide, malathion, DDVP (dichlores, vapona), dibrom, rotenone (dirrin, cube root) or any pesticide not registered with the EPA or which falls into the classification of "restricted use pesticide" so as to conform with the Federal Environment Pesticide Act.
   B.   No person other than Federal, State, or local agency employees conducting a pest control program previously approved in writing by the City Manager or an Okmulgee State Park official shall operate any high volume air, propane, or power driven pesticide dispenser or fogging device. (Ord. 1930 § 2, 2008)