A.   Whenever, for the purpose of facilitating the moving of any building or oversized load, it is necessary to remove any utility pole or raise or cut any utility wire or cable, it shall be the duty of the person having charge of the moving of such building to give the person or corporation owning or operating such poles, wires or cables at least twelve (12) hours' notice of the time and place when and where the removal of such poles or the raising or cutting of such wires or cables will be necessary. In case the poles or wires of the fire or police telephone or alarm systems are to be interfered with, such notice shall be served upon the fire chief and the police chief.
   B.   After the service of the notice provided for in subsection A of this section, it shall be the duty of the person or corporation owning or operating the poles, wires or cables, as the case may be, to furnish competent workmen or linemen to remove such poles or raise or cut such wires or cables. The cost of such service shall be arranged for and paid by the mover. No mover shall raise, cut or move any such poles, wires or cables, unless the person or authorities owning or having control of the same fail or refuse to do so after notice as aforesaid, and then only competent workmen or linemen shall be employed to do such work under direct supervision, and the same shall be done in a careful and workmanlike manner and the poles, wires and cables promptly replaced and damages thereto promptly repaired at the expense of such mover. (Ord. 2016, 2013)