A.   Every oversized load, which is being moved on any portion of public property after sundown, shall have sufficient lights continuously burning between sunset and sunrise for the protection of the public. There shall be a minimum of five (5) red lights placed on each street side of the oversized load. Such lights shall be attached to the load in such a fashion as to indicate the extreme width, height and size.
   B.   In the event of mechanical breakdown or other accidental interrupting of a move so that a street is blockaded at night, the same shall be protected by flares or red lights at each intersection of the block occupied by the oversized load when, in the opinion of the building inspector, flagmen are necessary to divert or caution traffic, the owner or person moving such oversized load shall employ, at his expense, two (2) flagmen, one at each street intersection beyond the building. Such flagmen shall remain at these intersections diverting or cautioning traffic, from sunset to sunrise.
   C.   In addition to these lights, flares shall be placed at regular intervals for a distance of two hundred feet (200') up the street on each side of the building. Further, the mover shall notify the police dispatch of the location of the same, and shall post, at each end and on each side of such structure, barricades at a distance of fifty feet (50') from each end of the building, with flashing lights thereon. (Ord. 2016, 2013)