Any person desiring to conduct aircraft airframe and engine repair shall:
   A.   Lease Or Own Sufficient Land: Lease or own land on the airport or airpark sufficient for buildings, parking and aircraft storage or tie down to support aircraft, airframe and engine repair.
   B.   Sufficient Hangar Space: Have sufficient hangar space on the airport or airpark to house any aircraft upon which airframe or engine repairs are being performed.
   C.   Sufficient Shop Space: Have sufficient shop space on the airport or airpark to house the equipment, and adequate equipment and machine tools, jacks, lifts and testing equipment to perform maintenance and repair of parts as required for FAA certification.
   D.   Suitable Storage: Have suitable storage on the airport or airpark for aircraft before and after repair and maintenance have been accomplished.
   E.   Certified Inspector: Have at least one person certified by FAA with ratings appropriate to the work being performed who holds an airframe, power plant or aircraft inspector rating.
   F.   Disposal Facilities: Maintain facilities for the safe storage and disposal of waste fuel, solvents and old parts and equipment.
   G.   Trained Personnel: Maintain the capability and trained personnel to remove disabled or abandoned general aviation aircraft.
(Ord. 2005-45, 7-19-2005)