A.   The naming or renaming of such city facility shall not be deemed as permanent nor exclusive, nor shall it constitute a property interest owned by any person or organization.
   B.   Names may be revised or added to any city facility pursuant to the criteria, guidelines and procedures of this chapter.
   C.   The ordinance approving the naming or renaming of a city facility may include a sunset provision under which the name will be removed from the city facility at the end of a specified period of time or upon a particular date. In the event the ordinance fails to include such a sunset provision, the naming or renaming of such city facility shall endure until modified.
   D.   When a city facility is removed, replaced or destroyed, the name of the city facility shall cease to endure unless renamed pursuant to this section.
   E.   Upon circumstances arising after naming that would cast a negative image upon the city, the name of any city facility may be immediately revoked at the sole discretion of the mayor.
(Ord. 2012-55, 12-18-2012)