(A)   The Director of Finance shall be responsible to the City Administrator for high level administrative, technical and professional work in directing and supervising the administration of the Finance Department.
   (B)   In discharging this responsibility, the Director of Finance shall:
      (1)   Serve as Budget Officer as provided in ILCS Ch. 65, Act 5, §§ 8-2-9.1 through 8-2-9.10; (With the adoption of this section, and a two-thirds majority vote, the city shall establish such position of Budget Officer. Such officer shall take an oath and post a bond as provided in §§ 31.001 and 31.002 of this chapter.)
      (2)   Manage and prepare the city payroll for all persons who come under the appropriation for salary;
      (3)   Administer the employee benefit programs including the State Municipal Retirement Fund, hospitalization, medical and other insurance, workers’ compensation and other benefit programs and deductions as authorized by the City Council;
      (4)   Oversee the City Purchasing Ordinance and assure all city purchases are necessary and approved by the City Council in the annual appropriations ordinance and budget and assure all funds are available prior to purchase;
      (5)   Attend all City Council meetings and other meetings as deemed necessary;
      (6)   Advise the Mayor and Council on such financial matters and perform other duties as assigned by the Mayor and the City Administrator;
      (7)   Receive all moneys belonging to the city and shall pay all warrants signed by the Mayor and not otherwise and shall keep a separate account of each fund or appropriation and the debits and credits belonging thereto. The Director of Finance shall give to every person paying money into the City Treasury a receipt therefore, specifying the date of payment and upon what account paid, and the Director of Finance shall file copies of such receipts with his or her monthly reports;
      (8)   Keep his or her books and accounts in such a manner as to show with accuracy all moneys received and disbursed by Finance Director, stating from whom and what account received, and whom and on what account paid out, and in such a way that the books and accounts maybe readily investigated and understood, as books, accounts, files and papers of the Finance Office shall be at all times open to examination to by the Mayor or Council;
      (9)   Establish all municipal accounting procedures in accordance with GASB standards; and
      (10)   Provide the Treasurer with all information necessary for the Treasurer to carry out his or her assigned duties.
(1999 Code, § 34.33)  (Ord. 1945, passed 9-15-1997; Ord. 3158, passed 2-18-2003; Ord. 3784, passed 12-2-2012)