§ 33.21  MEMBERSHIP.
   (A)   The Arts Commission shall consist of five members who shall serve three year terms and who shall meet and possess the following qualifications, at the time of their appointment and at all times during their terms:
      (1)   Either be residents of the city or have such an interest in the cultural activities of the city as to merit inclusion upon the panel and be residents of O’Fallon Township, Illinois;
      (2)   Express and maintain an interest in the Arts Commission and the provision of cultural opportunities and activities to the citizens of the city and the surrounding area; and
      (3)   The Board shall also have the Director of Administration who shall serve as staff support, in an ex-officio status, between the Mayor and Council and the Board. This person shall not vote upon matters presented to the Commission, and shall not serve as the president or secretary of the Board.
   (B)   The five voting members of the Board shall be appointed by the Mayor with the advice of the City Council. They are subject to removal from the position by the Mayor in the event they no longer possess the qualifications specified above, for such other grounds as may be the basis for the removal of a member during his or her term, or are absent from more than four consecutive meetings of the Board without having been excused by the Board.
   (C)   Vacancies upon the Commission shall be filled for any unexpired term or completed term in the same manner as original appointments.
(1999 Code, § 33.21)  (Ord. 2036, passed 4-19-1999)