(A)   The Community Development Director shall report to the City Administrator and shall be responsible to the Mayor and City Council for high level administrative, technical and professional work in directing and supervising the administration of the Community Development Department.
   (B)   In discharging this responsibility, the Community Development Director shall:
      (1)   Provide professional planning advice to the Mayor and City Council and department heads;
      (2)   Make presentations to boards, commissions, civic groups and the public;
      (3)   Provide staff support to the Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Officer and ensure all applications are processed;
      (4)   Communicate the official Comprehensive Plan policies and procedures to the Mayor, Council, boards and commissions, staff and the public;
      (5)   Be responsible for the enforcement and administration of the building, development and zoning codes for the city;
      (6)   Prepare development studies, reports and related information for decision-making purposes;
      (7)   Attend all meetings of the Council at which attendance may be required; and
      (8)   Develop, distribute and publish guidelines for applicants who file for zoning changes, variances, special or other type permits.
(1999 Code, § 31.143)  (Ord. 1946, passed 9-15-1997; Ord. 3784, passed 12-3-2012)