(A)   Subject to the direction of the City Administrator, the Director of Public Safety shall be in charge of the following operations of the following city functions:
      (1)   Police Department (provided, he or she is also named as Chief of Police);
      (2)   Emergency Medical Service (EMS);
      (3)   Emergency Preparedness Chief (EPC); and
      (4)   Fire Department.
   (B)   In managing these departments, the Director of Public Safety shall:
      (1)   Supervise the staff and operations of the Police, Fire and EMS Departments to ensure that equipment and personnel are being used effectively and efficiently;
      (2)   If he or she is Chief of Police, report monthly on the status of the Police Department regarding arrests, accidents and the like;
      (3)   Coordinate the police and EMS personnel to provide for optimum cooperation;
      (4)   Develop and maintain emergency operations plans and procedures necessary to deal effectively with disasters;
      (5)   Supervise and recommend all purchases of equipment for his or her departments;
      (6)   Evaluate and instruct staff members under his or her direction so that they may improve themselves in their positions; and
      (7)   Perform such other duties as may be required by the Mayor, City Council and the City Administrator not inconsistent with the provisions of this code, other ordinances of the city or laws of the state.
(1999 Code, § 31.127)  (Ord. 1023, passed 7-19-1982; Ord. 1057, passed 5-16-1983; Ord. 3961, passed 10-3-2016)