(A)   The City Administrator shall be chief administrative officer of the city. All departments shall report to the City Administrator. The City Administrator shall be responsible to the Mayor for the proper administration of all affairs of the city.
   (B)   In discharging this responsibility, the City Administrator shall, as directed by the Mayor:
      (1)   Supervise and coordinate the administrative functions of all departments, offices and agencies of the city;
      (2)   Recommend hiring, discipline and removal of all city employees;
      (3)   Attend all City Council meetings and participate, as required, in all discussions;
      (4)   Provide for the enforcement of such laws and ordinances within the city subject to the authority and direction of the Director of Public Safety;
      (5)   Coordinate activities between the departments to ensure efficient utilization of resources and maximize interdepartmental coordination;
      (6)   Prepare the city’s annual budget with assistance from the Finance Department;
      (7)   Make such reports to the Mayor and City Council as may be required from time to time concerning the operations of the city departments and offices;
      (8)   Propose and recommend to the Mayor such personnel rules and regulations as may be useful for management of policies, handbooks, manuals and collective bargaining agreements;
      (9)   Prepare such administrative reports and other reports of the activities of the city as may be required at the conclusion of the fiscal year and periodically throughout the year;
      (10)   Research and collect information and prepare applications for all grants and loans from governmental or private entities for city programs, operations and services;
      (11)   Participate to the extent requested in the collective bargaining processes of the city and recommend to the Mayor collective bargaining agreements for consideration and possible final approval by the City Council;
      (12)   Investigate and respond to resident inquiries and complaints related to the operations of the city; and
      (13)   To participate in the development and implementation of economic development programs for the city, including business retention, expansion and recruitment. Serve as a liaison to community organizations as necessary.
(1999 Code, § 31.112)  (Ord. 2024, passed 2-16-1999; Ord. 2048, passed 8-16-1999; Ord. 3784, passed 12-3-2012)