§ 30.08  ORDINANCES.
   (A)   After a bill for an ordinance shall be reviewed by committee, it shall be read the first time, at the end of which reading it shall be subject to amendment or, if necessary, referred to the proper committee.
   (B)   Whenever such bill be reported back to the City Council by any committee to which it may have been referred, with the recommendation that it pass, and the report shall be concurred in by the Council, it, together with all amendments, shall then be placed on the second and final reading and at the end of such second reading, it shall be subject to amendment by the Council, but amendments proposed by the committee shall first be acted upon by Council. It shall then immediately be placed upon its final passage; after any such bill has been passed by the City Council, it shall, after its approval by the Mayor, be entered at large in the ordinance record by the City Clerk.
   (C)   On the passage of all bills for ordinances, the roll of the members of the City Council shall be called, and the question shall be: “Shall the bill pass?” The Mayor shall order the roll of the members of the City Council to be called, and the vote shall be taken by yeas and nays, which shall be ordered entered in the journal. And when a bill shall fail to receive the necessary majority upon final passage, the Mayor shall declare that the bill has failed to pass, and no further action shall be taken upon such bill, except a motion to reconsider such vote of the bill; but such motion shall be made at the next meeting of the Council occurring after such bill has failed to pass, and not afterwards; and not more than one reconsideration shall be allowed upon the passage of any bill.
   (D)   No bill for an ordinance shall be read for the second and final time until after the expiration of two weeks from the first reading thereof. If, however, any emergency should exist for the prompt enforcement of the same, the Council may, by a two-thirds vote of all its members present, suspend the rules and, after one reading, read the same by title for the second reading and put it on its final passage.
   (E)   A bill for an ordinance shall be in order in preference to all other business, except when a proposition shall be under actual consideration by the City Council.
(1999 Code, § 30.08)  (Ord. 3123, passed 9-3-2002; Ord. 3627, passed 6-15-2009; Ord. 3784, passed 12-3-2012)