(A)   Food trucks must be kept in good mechanical and structural condition. All such vehicles shall be kept in a clean, sanitary condition, and shall be thoroughly cleaned each day they are so used. It shall be unlawful to permit stale food, decaying matter or other waste material to accumulate in or on such vehicle while it is so used. If unwrapped foodstuffs are transported in any such vehicle, such good shall be carried in a portion of the vehicle which is screened and protected against dust and insects.
   (B)   Each driver must possess a valid driver’s license. The company name must be clearly displayed on the vehicle. The city-issued license must be clearly displayed and visible to patrons.
   (C)   The city noise ordinances must be followed.
   (D)   Peripheral setup. No tents, tables, chairs shall be placed outside the designated vending area. Signage shall be limited to the vehicle and/or a free-standing sandwich sign. Connection to city water and sewer is prohibited unless proper approval by the city is obtained. Proper sanitary refuse containers must be visible to patrons and must be removed before the mobile truck departs.
(1999 Code, § 112.24)  (Ord. 4069, passed 12-3-2018)  Penalty, see § 112.99