(A)   License required. No person shall operate rental housing or allow rental housing owned by them to be operated on their behalf without a current, unrevoked, residential rental license issued by the city in the owner’s name (and jointly in the operator’s name if different from the owner), specifically licensing such rental housing.
   (B)   Rental housing defined. For purposes of this chapter, RENTAL HOUSING shall constitute any dwelling unit being made available to an occupant that does not meet this chapter’s definition of an immediate family member. RENTAL HOUSING shall also include: (1) lots or pads made available for placement of mobile homes thereon and (2) properties that primarily operate as hotels and motels.
   (C)   Exceptions. Rental housing, for the purposes of this chapter, shall not include the following:
      (1)   Lawfully operating housing for the elderly that meets the definition of “housing for older persons,” as provided in 42 U.S.C. § 3607.
      (2)   Lawfully operating group homes governed by the Specialized Living Centers Act, ILCS Ch. 405, Act 25, §§ 1 et seq., as amended, dealing with the developmentally disabled, and also such other similar non-profit uses governed by state or federal laws, rules or regulations if provided such similar uses are required to be exempted by law.
      (3)   Owner-occupied single-family dwellings having not more than one authorized boarder.
      (4)   Any dwelling occupied by an immediate family member (mother, father, brother sister, child) as verifiable as such by the Crime-Free Coordinator.
   (D)   Owner. For the purposes of this chapter, OWNER shall mean any person, partnership, trust, corporate or business entity, or condominium, townhouse or homeowners’ association that has a fee interest in the rental housing, including the officers, employees, and agents of the owner; provided that nothing herein shall require a license of an independent agent for such matters as may be preempted by state law.
   (E)   Prohibited rental uses. Short term rentals of 30 days or less are not permitted in residential zoning districts.
(1999 Code, § 120.01)  (Ord. 3657, passed 3-1- 2010; Ord. 3797, passed 5-6-2013; Ord. 4037, passed 5-7-2018)