(A)   Failure to comply with the laws of the State of Illinois or the requirements outlined in this chapter.
   (B)   Repeated and continual failure to respond promptly when called for service.
   (C)   Repeated bona fide complaints from Police Department personnel or the public.
   (D)   Repeated damage to property as a result of poor performance while towing or storing a vehicle.
   (E)   Any action or actions that obstruct the Police Department or jeopardize the public confidence in the Police Department.
   (F)   Any criminal wrongdoing.
   (G)   Any conviction in the last five years in any state or territory of any offenses including but not limited to the following: homicide, attempted homicide, bodily injury, attempted bodily injury, robbery, theft crimes, attempted theft, forgery, DUI, and/or any sex crimes, and/or anyone on parole, probation, and/or a sex offender list for the above offenses and/or any other crime.
   (H)   Bona fide complaints of overcharging.
   (I)   Inept performance as determined by the Director of Public Safety.
   (J)   In addition to the above causes for suspension or removal for “call out” rotation reasons the city may at their sole discretion remove from “call out” rotation any tow company based on any of said tow company’s employees’ history of stalking, excessive traffic violations, and/or any other public safety concerns.
(Ord. 3990, passed 7-3-2017; Ord. 4097, passed 6-3-2019)