(A)   The city with respect to any roadway under its jurisdiction may upon application to the Police Department issue a permit to move an oversized and/or overweight vehicle, and/or load. All applications for permits shall be given full consideration. Permits for proposed moves may be issued:
      (1)   When the city roadways and bridges will not be unduly damaged; and
      (2)   When the safety of the traveling public will be adequately protected.
   (B)   The following information shall be included on the permit:
      (1)   Company name, address, fax and telephone numbers.
      (2)   Applicant name and contact number.
      (3)   Whether the permit is for a single trip, round trip, or for multiple moves.
      (4)   Description of hauling vehicle or power unit, including registration number, state and year.
      (5)   Description of load to be moved and if the load is carrying an attachment.
      (6)   Maximum dimensions, gross weight, and axle weights of vehicle including load.
      (7)   Roads under the jurisdiction of the city to be traveled, including points of origin and destination.
      (8)   Any special conditions.
      (9)   Permit number.
(Ord. 3848, passed 11-3-2014)